The importance of organic farming

Canada has always been the producer of some of the most in-demand food products, with maple syrup being its most famous contribution. Since the Second World War, agriculture, including animal husbandry, has been a growing industry, and that growth has brought numerous challenges with it, particularly environmental. Organic farming is thus being looked at with increasing interest as the solution to them all.

Comparative analysis between chemical and organic farming

Agriculture is the bedrock of modern civilization, and every revolution that humanity has gone through to be where it’s at today has rested on the assured supply of nutrition, made possible by the agricultural revolution.

Insights into the organic agriculture

Organic agriculture has been the buzzword in Canada for a while now, with growing interest in recent times due to increased awareness about the abuse of human and animal rights in regular farming methods, along with its devastating impact on the environment.

Organic farming techniques used in Canada

The food and health awareness in Canada has been growing in recent years, with a particular focus on how food production and consumption affects the environment. This awareness has led to the stark increase in support for organic food to become the norm. Long-term environmental and personal health is taken into account, and it’s the driving force behind the rise. There is change happening on both the demand and supply sides of the equation, the supply side relying on a variety of techniques to meet the demand.

The background history of organic farming

The agriculture industry has steadily become the apple of mainstream media’s eye, with all the talk about the organic food movement. There has been renewed interest by the general populace towards the ins and outs of the industry, and how it goes about bringing their meal to the plate. The appeal has spiked attention in every sphere, with some dismissing it as a fad. In reality, though, the organic movement seed was sown decades ago and has been sprouting since.